Vika Dreams:  A Little Innocent Teen Force Of Nature

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About Vika Dreams: Teen cutie Vika claims that she isn't as shy and innocent as she looks, that underneath lurks a real naughty girl, but we think that's probably in her dreams. In every picture you get to enjoy of Vika Dreams, and especially in her movies and videos, she has this captivating innocence about her that seems to seep out of every pore. Its not just the nubile figure, and that oh so strokable mane of flowing hair that caresses the skin all the way to her tight little buttocks. It's like an innate thing. She's one of those rare girls you could imagine running totally naked through a summer meadow, and then being surprised to find some lucky guy watching from the bushes could find anything stimulating about the whole scene. To say she's cute would be an understatement.

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