Tonya Harding:  Champion Skater Pioneer Of The Celeb Sex Tape

Name:  Tonya Harding ...... Born:  Portland, Oregon, USA
Birthday:  November 12th, 1970 ...... Titles:  US Champion 1991
Stats (orig):  33B-24-37 ...... Stats (boob job):  36C-25-37

Bio:  For what can former champion figure skater Tonya Harding be said to be most famous - becoming the first US women's skater to complete a triple axel in competition and achieve a perfect 6.0 score, the alleged conspiracy at the 1994 US Olympic trials to nobble her rival Nancy Kerrigan, or being one of the first ever stars of the phenomenon which would become known as the celebrity sex tape? It's a difficult one. OK, the whacking Nancy Kerrigan's knee incident, for which Harding's former husband Jeff Gillooly and bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt, plus the hired 'nobbler' Shane Stant, all ended up in court was a huge international story. Indeed, although she subsequently maintains her innocence, Tonya Harding herself had to cop a guilty plea to hindering the investigation to avoid doing time, while streams of news crews from around the world followed her every move, turning the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway into something of a media circus. All pretty high profile stuff at the time, but ephemeral in the grand scheme of things. The notorious leaked Tonya And Jeff's Wedding Night hardcore home video, featuring 19-year-old champion skater Tonya in X-rated bedroom gymnastics with her dirty rat other half Gillooly, on the other hand, will be watched and collected with other celeb sex tapes for years to come, like an early edition objet d'art that avid celeb porn fans just have to have. So bit of a no-brainer really. After getting banned from further competitive skating, Tonya Harding had a boob job, bulked up and had a short-lived bash at women's boxing. She still occasionally gets media work along the 'celebrities who screwed up' lines.

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