Shiva Shaw:  Very Scottish 38H Big Boobs Indian Amateur

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Name:  Shiva Shaw ...... Lives:  Nr. Glasgow, Scotland
Birthday:  August 24th, 1988 ...... Boob Size:  38H

Bio: With an Indian dad and a Scottish mum, busty amateur Shiva Shaw is a dinstinctive mix of spice and 'feist'. "Iím not a traditional Indian girl, Iíll admit that first. I donít tend to wear the traditional Indian dresses or the jewelery or even practice the customs, but half my family do and sometimes when I visit them I also do the same - itís only respectful," Shiva says. "I was brought up in Scotland mostly so I grew up with Scottish customs and of course Scottish bad habits like saying ĎAyeí and eating haggis lol. My accent is, of course, very Scottish but that comes with 18 years of living here doesnít it. I try to tone it down for the camera a bit cause it can be quite hard to understand sometimes especially if I talk quite fast - if you donít understand me let me know Iíll make sure I try harder!" Shiva is a huge fan of burlesque star Dita Von Teese and loves classic underwear, corsets, stockings, high heels - anything that shows of my awesome curves and 38H boobs. "Iím a shy girl. I know that could be somewhat hard to believe with the whole porn site thing going on, but in real life I am a very shy person," Shiva says. Exactly the way we like them!

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Big Boobs Indian Shiva
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Busty Scot Shiva Shaw
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