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Aliases:  Samantha Anderson, Samantha42GG, Samantha Smith and Samantha 38FFF

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Name:  Samantha Anderson .... Born:  March 27, 1969
Lives:  Alabama, USA ...... Measurements:  44G-34-45

Bio: All natural, G-cupped babe Samantha Anderson has fast become one of the most lusted after BBW stars on the planet and is nominated for 2007 Voluptuous Model of the Year. Samantha's cheeky smile and outspoken views about the adult industry hide someone who, in private, can be quite a shy person. "I was not an attractive child growing up and as a teenager a late bloomer. Inside I still feel like that nerd. The super skinny, shy, no curves, braces, glasses, flat chested, poor, never in the popular crowd girl," Sam says. She found solace in books - a fascination which, these days, she's swapped for computers. Samantha spends 12 to 14 hours a day personally looking after her own little corner on the web. "I put all my energy, creativity, imagination, all my sexuality into my site and appreciate all my fans and the wonderful compliments people say and write to me," she says. "On the inside I'm still that nerd. Funny how those feelings of insecurity never go away. No matter how old you are or what you achieve in life. In crowds or clubs, I get all shy again. And don't quite know what to say to people. Thinking that no one will notice me. Am I the fat chic that grosses people out? And when I lose weight people gawk and say super sexual comments and scare me."

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