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Busty Salma Hayek did her first nude scene with Antonio Banderas in Desperado almost two decades ago now. She has remained just about the most lusted after latina bombshell in Hollywood ever since. Salma vowed she would never do another nude scene, but fortunately for us she has reneged on her promise many times since, in movies like Frida and her full frontal romp in Ask The Dusk, which was voted Best Nude Movie Scene Of The Year 2006. Probably the surprise factor of seeing curvy Salma in the complete buff played a big part in the accolade.

Born in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, on 2 September 1966, the daughter of a Mexican opera singer mother and a Lebanese oil company executive father, Salma had a wealthy Catholic upbringing. As a teen she was an accomplished gymnast, but her father prevented her from being recruited by the Mexican national team. Oh, the thought of Ms. Hayek squeezed into a tight leotard, jiggling in all directions as she tears down a runway to straddle a horse ... it's enough to burst a few blood vessels just thinking about!

Now one of the biggest Latin names in Hollywood, along with best friend Penelope Cruz, Salma has her own production company and is executive producer on the hit TV series Ugly Betty, among other things.

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