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Paris Hilton is a phenomenon, you certainly have to say that. Had it not been for a certain home video shot by her former boyfriend, the estranged husband of Shannen Doherty, Rick Solomon, she'd probably have continued partying up with fellow wild-child friends like Nicky Hilton, Bijou Phillips, Kimberly Stewart and Lindsay Lohan and we would probably have seen little more of her other than outside the socialite gossip columns. But that hardcore home video, which surfaced on the Internet just as Paris was about to hit TV screens in the since popular Fox show The Simple Life, changed everything.

The name Paris Hilton suddenly became the most popular search engine request in the world, and it wasn't to find out how much this heiress to the Hilton Hotel chain fortune was going to inherit. Most of us didn't know who she was, but we all wanted to see her sucking and fucking. Of course, since then Paris Hilton has become almost a brand of her own ... launching perfumes, fashion lines, acting in movies and in 2006 releasing her first album, Paris, from a record label she also owns. Even if we don't exactly know why, "One Night In Paris" has become one of those 'must-have' items every celeb collector has to have in his collection.

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