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Beautiful Italian actress Ornella Muti first internationally noticed movie was a European-made movie called The Girl From Trieste, in which she starred with American actor Ben Gazzarra. Ornella plays a troubled character and displays her amazing natural figure nude in a number of scenes, including a legs spread simulated lesbian rape of her by three other women. It's those perfect green eyes and amazing face that last with you longest, however. At the end of the movie, her character completely shaves her head and yet still manages to look stunningly beautiful as she wanders nude across a beach to the sea.

One might say Ornella Muti has that quintessential Italian stunner look, but, in fact, she is only half-Italian. Her father is from Naples, but her mother is Estonian. Ornella's real name is Francesca Romana Rivelli, which actually trips off the tongue just as sweetly as her stage one. She has a twin sister called Claudia ... jeez, can you imagine how many hearts those two must have broken in high school! Ornella's now a grandmother, but still continues to look stunning, and is probably one of the hottest now mature stars ever to grace the silver screen. So confident in her own skin, we wouldn't put it past her to still do a nude scene when she's sixty ... and the thing is she would probably still look great.

Ornella Muti Naked Italian Celebs Nude

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