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Huge tits, 52KKK cup Caribbean babe Miosotis Claribel ('Mio' to friends) is often credited as having the world's biggest natural tits. But it's not quite true according to Miosotis herself. She says her mum's are even bigger!

Miosotis was born in the Dominican Republic on 16 September 1980. Her mum has African roots and her father comes from Spanish stock. She grew up on a small farm and claims most of her village were big boobed girls. "The myth was that it was due to the hormones used in the chickens and the fertilizer, from the fruits and vegetables, but who the heck knows," Miosotis says. "By the time I was only 13 years old, I already had DDD Cup sized tits! It was not abnormal, believe me!"

These days 52KKK-29-36 Miosotis spends her time far from her humble beginnings, jetting back and forth between New York and Europe as one of the world's most in demand bra buster superstars. She started out as a topless and nude model only. "Even though I was apprehensive at first about taking nude photographs, I figured I would pose if they were tastefully done. Well, you must be asking yourself, what the hell is she thinking now? I've decided to show you the best of who I am, doing hardcore, fucking, sucking, squirting, you name it!" Miosotis says. Her hardcore debut proved one of the biggest, much cheered surprises for big boob fans in a very long time!

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