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Full-bodied Zimbabwe-born Makosi Musambasi has to be one of the most controversial characters ever to appear on Big Brother. At one time she was favourite to win the Big Brother 6 UK show, but it all started to go pear-shaped for her after a drunken night of nude romping in the jacuzzi with eventual winner Anthony Hutton. Makosi claimed they had full sexual intercourse and even asked Big Brother for a pregnancy test, claiming she was sure she was with child and contemplated naming the baby 'Jacuzzi'. Despite much naked underwater thrusting captured on video, Hutton denied they had penetrative sex on live TV.

In the first of a string of wild claims and often outright lies, Makosi had claimed not long before that she had entered the BB house a virgin. This flew in the face of stories from back home in Zimbabwe where she had been carrying on an affair with a rich married man since the age of 16, at the same time as dating a UK consultant at the hospital in the UK where she had been working as a nurse. She also claimed at one time to be of an African royal line. She was, in fact, the daughter of a Zimbabwe police officer. He might have arrested her numerous times in the house for indecent exposure ... Makosi had no qualms about airing her awesome figure for the cameras on numerous occasions, most famously including a topless streak around the BB garden with fellow BB babe Sam Heuston. Despite the tabloids having a field day with her stories on the outside, Makosi finished third overall, albeit exiting to a highly hostile reaction from the final night crowd and a harsh interview from presenter Davina McCall, which drew several hundred complaints to TV regulators from the public for its severity.

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