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Known variously as 'The Queen Of Scream' or 'Queen Of The Bs', horror and B-movie star legend Linnea Quigley has always been relied upon by fans of the genres for a little nude flesh ... and in a couple of rare outings, she even went so far as to appear in a couple of X-rated hardcore movies. She was born Linnea Barbara Quigley in Davenport, Iowa, on 27 March 1958 to a housewife mom and a chiropractor-psychiatrist father. After moving with her family to Los Angeles in the late 1970s, Linnea was encouraged by friends to audition for modelling and acting work. The petite, blonde Iowan landed her first paying acting job in a toothpaste commercial.

She quickly began gettinging small parts in independent B-movies like Psycho From Texas and Stone Cold Dead. But it was the horror genre that would bring Linnea Quigley legend status. She's starred in over 100 movies altogether, her most famous role probably being the clothes-shedding punk rocker Trash in the cult classic The Return Of The Living Dead. Her reign as 'The Queen Of Scream' was at its peak in the late 1980s when she headlined movies like Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Night Of The Demons and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. A favourite of Fangoria magazine and horror movie conventions, Linnea was briefly married to special effects wizard Steve Johnson.

An ardent campaigner for animal rights group PETA, these days Linnea lives with her large collection of pets close to her retired parents in south Florida. Fellow B-movie stars Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer remain among her closest friends. Linnea has written two books about her career in movies, Chainsaw in 1992 and I'm Screaming As Fast As I Can in 1995. She still takes to the stage occasionally in her rock band 'The Skirts'. In the early 1990s, Linnea flirted with leaving acting, deciding she wanted to become a police officer with the LAPD. She passed the written test, but luckily for her many fans, when it came to the crunch she ultimately decided to continue with acting. Her first X-rated hardcore movie appearance came in Curse Of The Lesbian Love Goddess.

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