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She's the self-styled 'mum' of the Big Brother UK 7 house with a no-holds-barred hardcore porn past. Platinum blonde and divorced mother of one, Lea Walker entered Channel 4's latest Big Brother show claiming to have the biggest breasts in Britain. Her mammoth 30M tits have been argued to be a step too far by some psychologists. Her latest implants, banned in Britain, had to be imported from the US. But Lea, who hated her former 30AA figure, is unapologetic. She has said, "My new breasts are fantastic. They don’t look freaky at all. I love them ... they’re my babies. And people tell me my body is fantastic."

It has been claimed that Lea's mammoth mammaries nearly broke her co-star Tony James's nose when the pair made the hardcore porn movie Casting Couch 4 together. Lea, who has proved something of a dichotomy in the Big Brother house, managing to balance bawdy sex talk with a frequent motherly shoulder to cry on for other housemates, would probably laugh and say it's not the only thing she nearly broke on her co-star. Having sold her house and spent £40,000 on her new look, who could blame her for showing it off? The sex video she finally admitted to fellow housemates she had done displays a wild energy that'd put her younger female housemates to shame. She takes it doggy, on top, on bottom and finishes with a blowjob that doesn't see her spill a drop. Now there's a scene for the Channel 4 live streaming!

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