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Name:  Kat Varga ...... Born:  Hungary
Aliases:  Katalin, Kat, Katarin, Katy V, Katalina Varga

About Kat Varga: She's been a star of the British porn scene and favourite of Brit porn fans for so long now that for most folks Kat Varga is to all intents and purposes a British pornstar. This statuesque - Kat stands at over 5 feet 10 inches tall in her bare feet - beauty is right up there with Angel Long and Lara Latex as the tallest girls working in the British adult scene. And like those two also, Kat Varga's known for walking quite aways on the wildside. She made her one-time personal site something of a Mecca for sexual experimentation and the extreme. Orgies, bukkake, femdom, strapon fucking of girls AND guys are just a few of Kat's favourite party fun and games. Of course, it didn't hurt that she invited plenty other British stars and amateurs along to join in the fun down the years either.

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