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From a blue collar Connecticut background, Kari Wuhrer always had her sights set on something more. She used to sneak out of her family home as a teen to sing in local nightclubs. She began acting lessons at 13 and was spotted as a fourteen-year-old punk rocker by talent scouts from the Ford modeling agency while in New York doing auditions. Her TV break came when she became an MTV VJ for the show Remote Control.

She has worked in TV a bunch since then, with long-running parts in both Sliders and General Hospital. She's known to gamers too for her role as Agent Tanya Adams in the PC game Command & Conquer. There have been some biggish mainstream movie roles too. But we most love Kari Wuhrer, of course, for the swathe of sexploitation movies she made early in her career, the highlight of which has to be Vivid for serving up Kari in her full nude, unabashed, pussy and boob baring finest.

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