Busty Singer Jessica Simpson

Busty popstar Jessica Simpson has an amazing rack ripe for giving us some of the hottest celebrity nipslips you'll ever see. Born in Abilene, Texas, on 10 July 1980, she is the daughter of a former Baptist youth minister, who began her singing career entertaining thousands on the Christian Youth conference circuit. Elected her high school's Homecoming Queen two years in a row, Jessica was the genuine Miss Squeaky Clean.

When her pop career hit the big time, she was marketed as the wholesome contradiction to the more sexual personas of other female teen singers. Her transformation began when she starred with her then-husband Nick Lachey, in the MTV reality show Newlyweds, often coming across as a fun airhead. Is she playing the dumb blonde or genuinely dumb? The image has earned her a fortune in commercials, seen her move into fashion and acting, and those once magnificent and securely wrapped boobs are increasingly popping out all over. Gotta love her ...

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