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Jennifer Aniston has to be one of the hottest babes to have made her name essentially in TV, rather than the movies. Her long-running role as Rachel Green in Friends catipulted her to stardom, and a claim to fame of inventing a hairdo for the 90s, 'The Rachel' - much as Farrah Fawcett had done in the 70s out of her Charlie's Angels TV role. Aniston's subsequent four-year marriage to Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt sent her into uber-stardom, and the film roles for multi-million dollar fees are coming in at quite a rate these days.

Born in Sherman Oaks on 11 February 1969, of half-Greek stock, with actor parents and Kojak star Telly Savalas as a godfather, you could say being an actress was in the blood. Although Jennifer was quite an artist as a girl, at just 11 having a painting displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was not a nude. When topless pictures were published of her sunbathing in her backyard, Jennifer sued and won a substantial payout.

She has resisted the temptation to show too much of the awesome Aniston body since on celluloid, but the signs in her latest movies are good for fans. Jennifer Aniston seems ready to throw off the goody-two-shoes image, and we can't wait for her to explode soon in all her gritty, naked glory in some must-see controversial ground-breaker.

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