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The number of mainstream actresses who have indulged in hardcore sex acts on film, you can count on one hand. Chloe Sevigny with her full-on five minute blowjob of former boyfriend Vincent Gallo in the controversial arthouse movie Brown Bunny is one of the only American actresses to join that very select club.

Here's an actress, after all, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Boys Don't Cry. But then, perhaps we should not be so surprised. Chloe Sevigny, once dubbed the new 'It girl' for the nineties, has concentrated on controversial and mostly Indie-produced movies ever since her discovery and debut in Larry Clarke's infamous movie Kids. In that, 18-year-old Connecticut-born Chloe was stripped from the waist down while passed out and raped.

Even the movie which saw her nominated for an Oscar saw her in nude lesbian love scenes with Hilary Swank, who was playing a girl who lived her life as a guy. Sevigny remains unapologetic about the furore caused by her performing fellatio on film, describing the landmark scene as "very tender and not gratuitous". It's become one of those must-have scenes for celeb fans.

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