Chessie Moore:  Busty Legend No Regrets In Chucking The Day Job

Aliases:  Chessy Moore, Chessi Moore and Chesse Moore

Name:  Chessie Moore ...... Born:  Robin Lynn Morgan
Birthplace: Denver, Colorado ...... Birthday:  Sept 8, 1959
Lives:  Caneyville, Kentucky ...... Statts:  44H-26-36

Bio: Big tit legend Chessie Moore is what you might describe as a late bloomer - she was 30 years old when she chucked her job in as a registered nurse and entered the adult business full-time, and she's still revelling in her own brand of intense XXX action nearly 20 years later. Chessie was born Robin Lynn Morgan in Denver, Colorado, in September 1959 and was adopted as a baby. Her adoptive father was a traveling salesman, and the family lived variously in Wyoming, California, and Georgia as she grew up. Chessie admits to losing her virginity at 13 to her first boyfriend. She married young and had three kids, but deciced to go to nursing college in Casper, Wyoming, and eventually qualified as a Licensed Nurse. "I still keep my expired license and the diploma. I only 'practiced' for a year. I was a good nurse and enjoyed the work, but was drawn to my current profession. The two attitudes didn't mix well so I hung up my stethoscope years ago," she explains.

Chessie had been doing a little private stripping for the thrill of it and, encouraged by her clients, the guy who was to become her second husband of 20 years and some stripper friends, she decided to chuck in her day job. Her first magazine cover was for Gent in April 1990, and the curvy former nurse proved an instant hit. She graced countless other magazines through the 1990s. But it was for her X-rated movie work, characterized by her intense performances and contortionist ability to knot her legs behind her head while being screwed, that made her one of the legends of that golden decade of porn. That and her massive 44H boobs, of course! Today, still going strong with a dedicated band of admirers who have followed her through the years, Chessie doesn't regret a thing about her career course. "I love the freedom, fun and excitement of the X-rated business," she says.

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