Chelsea Charms:  Mega Busty Babe With Boobs And Brains

Name:  Chelsea Charms .... Born:  Minneapolis-St.Paul
Birthday: March 7, 1976 ...... Height:  5' 4"
Stats:  153XXX-23-34 ...... Breast Weight:  26 lbs each

Bio:  Chelsea Charms once held the record for the world's biggest tits. Maxi Mounds has since surpassed her record, but Chelsea's huge hooters continue to grow on a daily basis, as a result of the controversial so-called 'string' implants which she has. Chelsea explains: "They grow. The string itself irritates the breast pocket which, in turn, promotes the production of fluid and subsequent growth of the breasts. In some cases, only one breast will grow or they’ll grow at a different pace. Thankfully, that didn’t happen to me. They grow in unison every minute of the day, however, the pace has steadily slowed over the years."

Chelsea was already a natural D cup and began developing as early as the fourth grade. She says Traci Topps and Sarenna Lee were her inspiration. "Traci was the first feature I saw perform. She was so sweet and down to earth ... It was proof to me that being mega-busty and living a "normal" life was possible," she says. An avid reader, who has done reviews for Amazon, Chelsea Charms is one the most level-headed big boob stars out there. She has made a couple of movies, Changing Chelsea and Introducing Chelsea Charms, but most of her attentions are devoted to her dancing and running her own very personalised site for fans.

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