Brigitte Bardot:  French Movie Star Goddess In All Her Naked Glory

Name:  Brigitte Bardot
Born: September 28th, 1934
Birthplace:  Paris, France
Measurements:  36B-20-35
Acting Career:  1952 to 1973

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Bio:  French movie star legend Brigitte Bardot remains right up there with Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren as the first unashamedly sexual bombshells of 20th century cinema. From the moment she bounced across the screen in and out of a bikini in then husband Roger Vadim's 1957 movie And God Created Woman, the girl the media dubbed 'BB' would find her whole life changed. The movie was in French, but it didn't stop Bardot becoming the first real major international female movie star of the 1950s and 1960s in the US. Photographers followed her to St. Tropez and everywhere else in what was the effective start of the modern paparazzi phenomenon. She had already been one of the first stars to champion the binini, turning up at early movie premieres in one at the Cannes Film Festival, but now women around the world wanted to copy her 'choucroute' and the wide open-necked style of sweaters which would become known as 'The Bardot neckline'. Guys, on the other hand, lusted after what was beneath the sweaters. And curvy siren Brigitte wasn't shy of showing it. Married four times in her stormy life, she maintained even in older age that she preferred younger men and that if she could still get them, then why shouldn't she?

Brigitte Bardot dreamed and trained to be a ballet dancer in her teens. An acquaintence of her mother persuaded BB to try a little modelling at the tender age of 15 and within a year she found herself on the cover of Elle magazine. Director Roger Vadim saw her picture and was so infatuated with it that he got her an audition for a part in a movie by his friend Marc Allégret. Bardot got the part but the film was cancelled, so it would be a couple of years before she made her acting debut in the 1952 comedy film Le Trou Normand. She married a still besotted Vadim that same year, aged just 18. She starred in a dozen or more French movies in the early 1950s, mainly cast as the ingenue, or alternatively the siren, in light romantic comedies and often threw off her inhibitions and shed her clothes. There were also bit part roles in a few English language films, before Vadim cast her in And God Created Woman and her life would never be the same again. It was claimed that the BB mania which followed did more for the French international trade balance than the entire French car industry. In addition to her acting and modelling celebrity, Bardot also starred in numerous musicals and recorded 80 songs, mainly with another of her lovers Serge Gainsbourg. Brigitte Bardot announced her retirement from acting in 1973, just before her 40th birthday. But in typical brazen BB style, she departed with a full nude photoshoot for the Italian edition of Playboy to celebrate her 40th birthday. She has devoted her life and much of her fortune since to being a passionate animal rights activist, campaigning internationally and at home through the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. Her hourglass figure and smouldering sexuality still see her lusted after by guys whose fathers might not even have been born at the time she first exploded on the international stage. As recently as 2007, Brigitte Bardot named among Empire magazine's 100 Sexiest Film Stars of all time.

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Other Filmography:   Gainsbourg: L'homme Qui Aimait Les Femmes, Starko!, Empreintes: Et Brigitte Créa Bardot, French Beauty, Film Portrait, L'histoire Très Bonne Et Très Joyeuse De Colinot Trousse-Chemise, Boulevard Du Rhum, Madame, Sylvissima, Les Novices, Gala 70, L'ours Et La Poupée, Les Femmes, Histoires Extraordinaires, Mondo Hollywood, À Coeur Joie, B.B. in USA, Viva Maria!, Dear Brigitte, Tentazioni Proibite, Une Ravissante Idiote aka Agent 38-24-36, Bardot Et Godard, Paparazzi, Le Repos Du Guerrier, La Bride Sur Le Cou, L'affaire D'une Nuit, Voulez-vous Danser Avec Moi?, Babette S'en Va-t-en Guerre, La Femme Et Le Pantin, Une Parisienne, La Mariée Est Trop Belle, En Effeuillant La Marguerite, Mio Figlio Nerone, Cette Sacrée Gamine, Helen Of Troy, La Lumière D'en Face, Les Grandes Manoeuvres, Futures Vedettes, Le Fils De Caroline Chérie, Tradita, Si Versailles M'était Conté, Un Acte D'amour, Le Portrait De Son Père, Le Trou Normand, Les Dents Longues &c.

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