Bettie Ballhaus:  From Private Strip Parties To TV Presenter

Name:  Bettie Ballhaus ...... Birthday:  February 8th, 1978
Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany ...... Height:  5' 0"
Measurements:  36-23-32 ...... Bra Size:  32DD

Bio:  Life's been quite some ride for busty German beauty Bettie Ballhaus to get to the point where she's presenting the show Sportsquiz on the mainstream German television channel DSF. Bettie hated her awesome boobs when they first started to grow at age 13. The kids at school called her 'Airbags' and she got so desperate to stop the taunting that she threatened to perform her own breast reduction with a bread knife before her mother intervened and managed to get her to see sense. Bettie still admits, "I have to say, that it took a long time for me to accept my body as it is." Things started to change in 1996 when she was offered work as an underwear model. Just a week later, Bettie found herself dancing nude at a private strip party. She was surprised to find she liked being watched naked, and decided she'd like to work more in glamour. But times were not good in the East, models were badly treated, so Bettie quit and spent the next three years working as a nurse, together with a short spell at a gas station. When she finally got back into glamour, it was way from the sleazy backstreets. Bettie Ballhaus' nude work in photos and on video has been pure class ever since. We wish this fiery little busty German redhead all the best in her new TV career. Bettie most recently bared all as a celebrated housemate on the German version of Big Brother.

Filmography: Bettie a Go-Go, Bettie & Nadine, Danni's Busty Naturals, Danni's International Beauties, Nadine Jansen Deluxe, Virtual Lap Dancers

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