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Anna Kournikova remains more famous for her sex appeal than her tennis career. It's not that she was a bad tennis player. In her eight year career from 1995 to 2003, Anna reached number 8 in the world in singles, and a world number 1 ranking in doubles. It's just that as female tennis players go, Anna Kournikova is probably the hottest babe ever to grace a court. The appetite to see her naked remains undiminished since she retired from the tennis circuit and began a modelling career. The paparazzi followed her everywhere when she played and they follow her everywhere still. Her face is famous to people who never ever watched a set of tennis. Anna Kournikova and her friend Martina Hingis jokingly called themselves The Spice Girls of Tennis.

Anna was born in Moscow on 7 June 1981. Today she lives in Miami. Her private life remains the stuff of gossip columns, with Anna neither confirming nor denying reports of marriages with lovers like NHL hockey star Sergei Fedorov and pop star Enrique Iglesias, whose pop video Escape Anna appeared in. She has been included among People magazine's anuual 50 Most Beautiful People a remarkable five times, and has been voted the 'hottest female athlete', 'hottest couple' (with Iglesias) 'sexiest woman in the world' by worldwide FHM readers.

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