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Up there with Rita Hayworth as one of the most lusted after redhead stars of her time, it's difficult to imagine that as a young girl Angie Everhart was often mistaken for a boy. But the ugly duckling, born in Akron, Ohio, on 7 September 1969 soon blossomed, becoming her high school's mascot known as the 'Firestone Falcon'.

She began modelling at 16, and just a year later flew to France to begin a glittering modelling career full-time. Angie was the first redhead ever featured on the cover of Glamour magazine. She made her acting debut in 1983 in The Last Action Hero, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, but didn't give up modelling completely. Angie Everhart graced the Sports Illustrated's famed swimsuit issues in 1995 and 1996, two of their best-selling ever.

Angie had promised her grandmother never to go nude before a camera, but the promise - fortunately for us! - was broken with her decision to star opposite Mickey Rourke in the steamy sequel to 9½ Weeks. She's broken the promise thankfully a few times since too, not least in a February 2000 appearance for Playboy. Angie Everhart's delicious, never-ending legs are insured for a hefty $1 million!

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