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She started out her movie career as the evil, sexy teenage vamp of The Crush, got known as the Aerosmith chick after starring in a trio of the band's most popular videos, has been the multi-million dollar star of blockbusters like Clueless and Batman & Robin ... oh, and Alicia Silverstone has also been voted 'Sexiest Female Vegetarian' by PETA, for whom she appeared nude in a controversial commercial in 2007.

While she has been quite reticent about naked scenes in her big screen movie career, Alicia is anything but shy about baring the flesh in her private life. She told the UK Radio Times magazine that she likes to garden naked after they probed her on the rumour. "I don't know how you know about that but it's ... not untrue. It's just that if it's really hot and you're in LA, and you happen to be doing some gardening - your clothes come off. I also like to swim naked and trampoline naked and do all those kind of things," she admitted.

Oh, those lucky neighbours with the long-range binoculars! Though born in San Francisco on 4 October 1976, Alicia Silverstone's parents are British - her father being an English-born real estate investor and her mother a Scottish-born former Pan Am flight attendant. Alicia began modelling when she was six, which led to television commercials and her first dramatic role as dream girl Jessica in an episode of The Wonder Years.

That appearance led directly to her casting in The Crush, a role for which she became legally emancipated at the age of 15 in order to work the long hours required for the shooting schedule of the film. At such a tender age, it's arguably one of her most sexily charged roles next to the erotic thriller The Babysitter. Ironically, it was the ditzy Clueless that won Alicia 'Best Female Performance' and 'Most Desirable Female' at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards, however.

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